PCHelp Sussex at Findon Valley near Worthing

PCHelp is an independent Sussex-based computer retailer based in Findon Valley (near Worthing). It was established in 1998 and is staffed by engineers. Based on our training and our years of experience, you can trust us to always offer reliable advice.

Buying a new Laptop, Tablet or PC

As engineers we service a wide variety of laptops. Not only can we guide customers through the choices, we can do all the setup, data transfers and support the product throughout its life.
If you are looking for a PC, then one of our regular builds will often suit your needs. If not, then we stock a wide range of quality components to custom build a PC to your requirements.

Servicing and Repairs

PCHelp specialises in the repair of Laptops, PCs and Printers. The majority of our work is carried out at our centres, where our engineers have the advantages of fully equipped workshops. However, we also have a callout service should you prefer.

Retail Products and Spares

In the sales area, there are Laptops, Netbooks, Tablets, Apple iPads, Phones, Monitors and Printers. Also stocked are a wide range of spares such as ink cartridges, cables and chargers, and the components to build, upgrade and repair desktop/tower computers. The majority of these can be found on the Products Pages, that are now accessed from the top menu. If you can`t find something you need, please ask.